March 17, 2019 Anton Krause

As I promised a short review of the VR Gender Switching experience. First thing that I liked about the way it´s made was the fact that you could do it in the browser without any headset or what so ever. It is an very accessible experience of cause it has to be because it is an ad. Content-wise it is very hetero normative I would have wished a little bit more depth to the characters. But the way to tell the story is interesting and shows the power of VR. The power to be inside the head of an character. I would like to see a new VR version of “Being John Malkowitch”. About using Condoms there is an important article in the newest “Missy Magazine” about Stealthing a practice were you secretly remove the condom during sex. It is actually a crime but hard to come by. Sorry for “offline” content but just to let you know.

Kein Sextrend 
Von Mithu Sanyal 
Stealthing, das heimliche Abnehmen des Kondoms beim Sex, ist eine Straftat – nur wie soll es rechtlich verfolgt werden?

Next topic is contemporary music so please bare with me and hear the tunes while reading further along.

Dane Rudhyar – Granites – played by Steffen Schleiermacher

I was in Dresden this weekend to visit a festival for contemporary music. And this was hard nerdcore I didn´t understood anything but I want to share on special event. The Phonola concert played by Wolfgang Heisig. A Phonola is a german version of a Pianola or Player Piano.

Basically an apparatus in front of a piano that plays it for you. Completely without any electronic parts it is driven by air like an Organ. The tunes are stored on a piece of paper with punched out holes. This technic allows to play stored music in times before the Gramophone and it changed the way you could compose for piano because you do not have to think about limited amount of pushing devices (human fingers or equivalents). And the composers began to think more graphically because the pattern of the pushed out holes really helps to see the geometry of music.

Wolfgang Heisig in action

And here some songs made for the instrument. Wolfgang Heisig is the only one in Germany and one of the two european players who plays this instrument.

So next thing – CANDY – there is a weird thing on the YouTubes with trying out international candy. And I do not know why it becomes so popular but I think it is the best way to overcome borders and racism and stuff. I know it is not so easy but we have to try it at least very hard. These are three really famous an important makers from different continents so if you don´t have the sweet tooth check out there channels.

Becky Stern an old star in the maker scene or a kind of veteran she was one of the first youtubers I witnessed doing wearables. Estefannie explains it all is a great way to get started on code and tinker. Naomie Wu lives in Shen-Tsen and reviews new stuff that you may never find overseas and she also makes some nice gadgets on her channel. She as well has a really ugly story with the VICE magazine going on.

Last thing is an article about how software changes labour.

But supply chains aren’t purely physical. They’re also made of information. Modern supply-chain management, or S.C.M., is done through software. The people who design and coördinate supply chains don’t see warehouses or workers. They stare at screens filled with icons and tables. Their view of the supply chain is abstract. It may be the one that matters most.