November 24, 2019 Julian Jungel

hello human,
today it’s gonna be a quite short weekend reading. I’m preparing a workshop / game jam for the upcoming week and I want to give you a brief insight of at least a small part of my inspiration.

First are Megagames like Watch The Skies. The genre looks actually a bit like what we call participatory theatre. But these are just names and I think it’s really nice to see how boardgamers developed in the same direction as we at theater! In Watch The Skies every group plays a nation, everyone has a role, Aliens are arriving on Planet Earth and you have to communicate quite a lot! Enjoy the (long) video by Shut Up & Sit Down:

A game we want to play next week is Two Rooms And A Boom by Tuesday Knight Games. As No Pun Included says, “What if you have too many people to play a game with? In that particular case you play Two Rooms And A Boom!”

Another great inspiration for me personally was last week’s workshop “Spekulative Objekte” at Spiel && Objekt with Clemens Winkler. Be sure to check out the section “narrative materials” on his website! Though I couldn’t attend the workshop it was fun to see the objects and materials they experimented with like.. clouds!

And that’s it already! Have a lovely sunday and see you soon – Julian