January 19, 2019 Leoni Voegelin

Here we go again. Janne Nora Kummer prepared an interesting range of texts and inputs for last weeks seminar about cyber feminism. We had a lot to discuss and also dived into the MEME-Culture which was complete stranger to me but is a very influential way of mobilize the people – used by right and left groups. If you are interested in this subject, you can watch the documentary “Lösch dich” to get an impression on how the right is trolling around in the social media. It is one point of view and they are not perfect but still..

About point of view, this article shows a very independent point of view of the «Spiegel»-Reporter Claas Relotius on journalism.

Die Fälschungen des «Spiegel»-Reporters Claas Relotius bieten dem Journalismus eine Chance: Er könnte sich endlich seinem unterkomplexen Realitätsbegriff stellen.

To collect Data is not a new phenomen but this does not mean that we should not inform us how this is done. This article from le monde diplomatique “Google sucht dich” can provide more information and “der dressierte Mensch” gives you an impression on how far a nation like China can go with the collection and publicly distribution of personal information. But not only China, also Switzerland had lately some argues about surveillance and the public voted “yes” to observe in case of suspected insurance swindel..

An diesem Spätnachmittag ist der Park rund um das Bürgeramt fast verlassen. Ein altes Paar in geflickten Kitteln erklärt uns den Grund: „Jetzt läuft im Fernsehen gerade ‚Das Leben des Volkes in 360 Grad‘, die meisten Leute hocken vor der Kiste.“ Jeden Abend sendet das Lokalfernsehen eine Zusammenstellung von allen Fehltritten, die innerhalb der letzten 24 Stunden von den Überwachungskameras aufgezeichnet wurden. (“Der dressierte Mensch” von René Raphaël und Ling Xi, le monde diplomatique vom 10.01.2019.)

Maybe a more positive contribution for in between about the thought and the benefit of open sorce “Freie Software für die Städte” which is a bit older but I like a lot.

Ob die dahinterliegenden Algorithmen öffentlich kontrolliert oder als Geschäftsgeheimnisse privater Unternehmen gehütet werden, ist letztlich auch für die Legitimation der Demokratie von Belang. Es bieten sich viele Möglichkeiten, die smarte Stadt auch technologisch souverän zu machen – mit eigens entwickelter Software und Hardware, die offen ist und der Öffentlichkeit gehört.

To finish for this weekend, a friend of mine recommended me an articles of the music artist Sam Kidel who deals with the collection of Data in his music “Rave im Datenzentrum” and I have also read a nice interview with Anelise Cheng on how she managed to continue writing while questioning the world.

Anelise Chen: “Then I changed it to third-person clam, and that was exactly how it was meant to be.” The writer shares a collection of digital fragments that have shaped her practice, including an image depicting cycling exercises, a photo of Kafka’s diaries, and a video of her mother’s first time seeing snow.

Fabian who did the weekend reading last month send me also this: “londons victorian hyperloop forgotten pneumatic railway beneath capitals street” – quite funny to see how one can forget what one used to have .