February 9, 2019 fkirschner

This weekend reading is shaped by a number of quite enlightening conversations with friends about the state of new media art, politics, and the digital impact on education. Thus, this weekend reading will be about gaps. And it will only show its content in the gap between things that exist simultaneously. You will have to click on the links today. It’ll be fun.

One side of a gap is the 2016 Additivist cookbook by Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke, and the other side of the gap is this scathing review of 2018s transmediale by Cristina Bogdan.

This article on british TERFs by Sophie Lewis is basically one huge gap.

Then there is this and this, (both from Kotaku.com) can you see the gap?

But wait, this one too! An article that literally describes a gap!

This documentary on unifying the two German militaries is all about gaps, and they didn’t get smaller from 1993 onward…

Have you used e-learning services lately? Or do you prefer other sources of knowledge transfer?

And last but not least, a personal gap from almost 15 years ago to today.

All of the articles together? Not gaps, but chasms. Something something capitalism is not the answer to all of our questions.