April 5, 2019 Fabian Raith

Within the last months, we were often asked, what we were actually doing in our master. The answers are starting to come in now. The first one is to be seen next week at A Maze Festival and is, maybe only slightly surprising, a Game!

We worked quite heavily in the last few weeks to finish the game (and actually still do). The game contains a lot of fun stuff: AR, VR, an Arduino radio game and a flooded model of Berlin- the city, that the players have to save from the influences of climate change. We are very excited to finally present it to the public. Those lucky few who were able to play a prototype just before Christmas had quite a lot of fun, we hope to keep that spirit up now.

A Maze is a (ha!) amazing international Indie Game Festival in Berlin, which will take place from 10th to 13th of April at SEZ. We have the great pleasure to be nominated for the award and show our game at the exhibition within the Festival. The exhibition actually gives visitors the chance to play the nominated games. We are one of 25 games to be played there, so bring some time, visit Be:Bernd and the others. I personally am already very much looking forward to playing macdows95, a puzzle game within an imaginary operational system. Looks like fun! Yet, the festival has, aside from the exhibition, also an interesting program with talks, masterclasses and, of course, parties. Go check it out and see you there!