April 20, 2019 Tomas Montes Massa
Panke water sample, looking for microplastics: the two clearer dots middle left?

Hey everyone, congrats! The sundance worked!! Hope you`ve all been enjoying your sunny Easter Holidays like the good christians that you are :). So, quick Axolotl update! My three new babies -Cecilia, Carmen & Julia- are living now in their aquarium in my room. They`ve had good appetite so far and nip at my fingertips when I stick my hand into the water, it tickles a little bit <3.

Last weekend I attended a DIY chemistry workshop given by chemical artist Kat Austen at Art Laboratory Berlin. The workshop was all about the presence of microplastics in the Panke river, which flows through northern Berlin. Firstly, we collected plastic from the riverbed and water sediment from some nets as our study samples. We learned how to use density to distinguish amongst the most common plastic types, to identify possible polymer particles in river-water samples under microscopic observation and to separate the plastics from organic material. Kat left us this website Hackteria, with plenty DIY chemistry material.

I also captioned our good friend Janne very concentrated at work.

I saw a very awesome and creepy stop-motion animation film, actually from Chile! It`s called Casa Lobo (Wolf House, see trailer) and the plot tells of the nightmarish life of three hostages of Colonia Dignidad, a German-Chilean christian sect and farmland controlled by nazi emigrant and pedophile Paul Schäfer under support of Augusto Pinochet`s dictatorship. The sect was fully operative until Schäfer`s jailing in 2005 if I remember correctly. Quite a horrible place! But the animations are wonderful!

Maria Währe, Pedro & Ana.

Last thing I wanted to share: last night I was walking out of the U-bahn with a friend and we encountered a band of four very young dudes playing electro-jazz on the street… we stayed for almost two hours! It got super crowded with the audience and people were dancing… they`re called Big Spider, you can follow them on facebook or soundcloud. At the end one of the guys said “Free Jazz!” I dunno, it was a nice spontaneous encounter.

Keep on enjoying these chill days!