February 9, 2020 fkirschner

It’s semester break, so the readings will be rather short these coming weeks. And, sometimes, a bit late in the day.

A durch court has haltet facial recognition usage, after its algorithm turns out to be biased in its selection (via wired):

The case demonstrates how privacy regulations and human rights laws can rein in government use of automation. It’s among several recent examples of European regulations limiting government programs that turn algorithms and artificial intelligence on citizens. In the US, however, such guardrails generally are lacking.

Teens are grouping up on instagram to avoid personalized data tracking (via cnet);

But unlike many of Instagram’s users, Mosley and her high school friends in Maryland had figured out a way to fool tracking by the Facebook-owned social network. On the first visit, her Explore tab showed images of Kobe Bryant. Then on a refresh, cooking guides, and after another refresh, animals.

And the news that kept everyone occupied all week. And will keep us occupied for the foreseeable future. Bye for now.