Weekend Reading

March 15, 2020
March 15, 2020 fkirschner

We have just returned from an international workshop on participatory and interactive theatre that was held at FFT Düsseldorf this past week. As you might imagine, the recent measures regarding the Corona-Virus pandemic have left their mark on everyone involved. Still, during the past couple of days, many conversations took place, many ideas were exchanged and we started accumulating and sharing a lot of knowledge on digital tools, dramaturgies and best practices, that we are in the process of sharing more widely.

Preliminary Documentation happened in Form of a Zine created by Participants, which you can read and download here:

More Information has been published to the Hyperdramatik.net Wiki.

We are both saddened to witness the complete shutdown of cultural life in Germany and see this as a reasonable course of action, giving current developments. Our hearts go out to those in need of aid, be it physically, mentally or financially.

We do believe that theatre is, first and foremost, a social gathering, and that digital spaces can only go so far in recreating this space. We also understand, that not having any sort of cultural input (or output) for an undetermined amount of time, is an untenable situation. In the coming weeks, we will be evaluating how we can provide information regarding digital toolsets that might help people with their artistic output.

As for our university – as with all other universities, we have postponed all physical lectures until at least April 20th. Our application period will still start tomorrow with the publication of our online form. And we will keep you updated on any developments.

Stay home, stay safe.