September 27, 2021 Hannah Perner-Wilson
This summer a small group of Spiel und Object humans headed to PIFcamp in order to be outdoors, and make things together. We arrived in a shower and drove through a rainshower as we left, but the whole week there was pure hot sun and cold soca river water.
soca river
This post is a short summary of what we got up to. You can read much more about our adventures on the PIFcamp website and see lots of photos taken by the lovely Photos by Katja Goljat here.
the S&&O crew
LEONI came to PIFcamp all the way from Swizerland! 9 hours of train-ride, followed by 2hours driving up into the alps. She got involved in making hand-crank music which lead to a collaboration with Rodolfo to give life to this struggling robot, who does not want to  two things: 1) a struggling robot and 2) a post-apocalypic performance.
PHOTO: struggling robot – Lenoi and Rodolfo
PHOTO: hand-crank synth / post-apocalypic performance – Lenoi and Rodolfo
RODOLFO came by plane and bus. He didn’t bring any of his worms with him, but he did pack some homemade worm PCBs so that he could hold a workshop in which participants built circuits to amplify the signal from a piezo element in order to potentially be able to listen to worms.
PHOTO: worm circuit workshop
JANNE travelled from vienna by train and bus where she was doing a month-long dance residency. She brought with her some choreography, getting people to move their bodies in the floodlights of the basketball court.
PHOTO: dancing together
JULIAN arrived by train from berlin and brought with him a whole box full of synth stuff. He got sucked right into synth-land and we mostly saw him soldering away at his Octo-Synth board. Occasionally chilling on a chair by the wall, making some music.
PHOTO: soldering and relaxing
HANNAH came by car with family. I brought with me the desire to tattoo people in order to collect tales ( – some of the less told stories about processes of making. I made the offer to all PIFcamp participants that I would temporary tattoo them if they tell me about a project. I got to tattoo eight people, and collect eight stories which are now circling in my head, and will hopefully make their way out as a lullaby for baby Bela. Here you can see the tattoos
PHOTO: tattooing under the tree
At camp we also met another other Spiel und Object person, MóNICA. She is a our visiting lecturerer who teachers Intro to Arduino and Physical Computing.
PHOTO: robots robots and chickens