more work-in-process

June 20, 2022 Hannah Perner-Wilson

Two years ago around this time of year, I was interviewing the first round of Spiel und Objekt students about their masters performance works-in-process while they were creating these. It was only three months in to the first wave of our corona pandemic. Now, amid the fall and rise of the fifth wave of our pandemic, I’m starting a similar process with our second round of masters students. It is an exciting moment, at the end of two years of study. Interests and ideas have formed and are still forming into seven very different participatory performance pieces.

All seven students are currently amid the last two weeks of polishing their work in time for:

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July 1+2 2022 in Berlin

Event info:

Free tickets:

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In preparation for a second round of asking questions to people who are busy juggling being creative and getting technologies to work, I re-read my first round of interviews. The questions and answers that stood out most to me in those conversations were ones that probed at:
– Why we come up with certain ideas
– how we translate ideas and things we care about into experiences for others
– what we appreciate about the others we collaborate with – be these materials, technologies or other human beings

So this round I would like focus on asking these and more such questions, in hopes to have conversations that capture parts of a creative practice that otherwise don’t get talked about as much.


What we know so far:

Ella is bringing together an online and an offline audience with a live classical music concert and who knows what will happen!

Caro is inflating a bouncy castles, offering us popcorn and candyfloss for a critical kind of amusement.

Lena has been learning to love the wonders of silicon and latex, light sensors and air pumps, supply voltages and their amplification.

Leonie has been listening to her gut feeling and it is telling her what to do.

Maria has been collaborating with old technologies and with Jakob.

Rodolfo is making robots and preparing for a workshop in which we will learn to cook for them.

Zoe has been very busy and I look forward to finding out what she has been up to.


My plan is to publish seven work-in-process interviews here on the blog over the next 2-4 weeks, so check back soon.