Enacting Innovation (2020)

Judith Igelsböck (AT), Laura Zoelzer (DE), Sarah Buser (CH), Mónica Rikić (ES), Leoni Voegelin (CH), Tomás Montes Massa (CL), Friedrich Kirschner (DE)

‘Enacting Innovation’ is a participatory staging of the social fabric surrounding contemporary innovation practices. Participants will negotiate the roles and situations that are frequently encountered in innovation processes and act out conflicts with each other and the technical infrastructures typically employed within such contexts. The simulation is inspired by social scientific research on ‘innovation scripts’ – the recipes followed in dealing with the omnipresent societal and economical pressure to prove innovate ability. The aesthetical dramatization of these innovation scripts aims to make innovation dynamics ‘experienceable’ to the festival audience and provokes thinking about our powers and powerlessnesses when it comes to steer and interfere with processes of societal change and renewal.

The participatory play ‘Enacting Innovation’ is an arts and science cooperation of the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) and the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts for the 2020 LIT Ars Electronica Festival Program.