March 2, 2019 Anton Krause

Hi, my name is as you can see on your left side Anton. My english is not the best but I still try to improve it and to be honest my written german as well might have one or two spelling or grammar mistakes. But I think it´s quite important to write in an international language also I hope non of you are hurt or triggered because of it´s slightly (ironic) colonial touch. I´d like to share the new Techie stuff that I found in the last week as well as a little bit of my personal history with the Maker movement and thinks I always have to think about. As well I will post more videos because this is my preferred way to suck the news out of time.

First video kind of refers to my master project which tries to deal with money and how we have to believe in it to make it work.

Art history lesson. Yikes! – NEEN

Unlike most net art, Neen came from within the contemporary art world—Manetas was already recognized by commercial galleries and institutions when he invented Neen.

Essay from Manetas:

Websites are today’s most radical and important art objects.

Also check his webpage it is full of nice stuff about the digital life and the arts. Next will be history as well. Bre Pettis and the inventor of the first affordable 3D-Printer the maker bot on youtube presenting the Arduino. This is my first connection to the DIY movement. Bre Pettis and his weekend projects on youtube. I can´t believe its 12 years now. Still not funny!

Then he become a millionaire because he sold his company for 403$ Million dollars. Today MakerBot is just one of many 3D-Printer Companies.

My favorite maker by far is not Jimmy DIRASTA, Adam SAVAGE or Giaco WHATEVER. It´s actually a german one. She´s from Cologne her name ist Laura Kampf and I´m following her since her forth video. She is really successful with her nice style. I choose a video where you could see her with my second most favorite youtube Maker star Simone Giertz. She unfortunately suffers from her brain tumor again. All my best wishes for her.

So now we leave the Maker movement an get a way more political. Last week happened a quite disturbing thing in my home town (Magdeburg). For german speaking readers please read here. I try to explain the story as short as I could possibly can. Oury Jalloh was found burnt in his cell in a police station. The policemen claimed he burnt himself to death and they didn´t hear him screaming. This is 14 years ago. There is an initiative that try to push an investigation and they gathered a lot of evidences that the police officers lied. I linked a video but it is really explicit so be responsable with yourself and others. So they finally got support from a party (DIE LINKE) in the state parliament. The referendum was last week and they lost because most of the parties denied to vote so they lost the case with only eight votes. Because the right-winged AFD party has more votes than the left-winged DIE LINKE. That was a mayor blow on everyone who´s fighting for justice and peace here in Germany. So we have to shout all together and very clear “Oury Jalloh – this was murder”. Please consider to help. There should be no person in Germany not knowing what happens with in our country. This is in fact possible and we are heading towards a social climate that will encourage racists to act without the sense of punishment.

That was the you-really-have-to-read/watch part. I don´t want to let you down with this hard felling of helplesness. So I will close with my favorite NEEN-like art piece. PICKELCAT.