March 30, 2019 Anton Krause

First things first. Analog offline reading suggestion: Liv Strömquists new book “I´m every woman”. After “the fruit of knowledge” and “the origin of love” the third comic from the feminist cartoonist. She dedicates her book to women who always were overshadowed by her famous men for work that they mostly did together. Unfortunately and hard to believe until now it´s just her first book that is translated to English. The second and third are original in Swedish but translated in German or French.

This week we spoke about networking and how it works and the flaws that come with it and the wonder that all this works on this global extent. I found a nice video that explains two algorithms that are known as error correction tools.

As with the passing of article 13 the end of the internet as we see it was called out but I truly don´t believe in it. The internet is hard to control because there are some nations against global mega companies. And there is always a way to make things work even if it´s legal or not. I found a nice article from WIRED how YouTube actually could gain some money out of it.

Leaving aside the fact that Alphabet, YouTube’s owner, would probably have enough money to invest in licensing agreements with media companies and music labels – YouTube is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the internet’s sudden need for copyright filters. The platform itself has been using a type of copyright filter, its home-brewed Content ID, for over a decade. The algorithm compares newly uploaded footage against a database of registered videos, and demonetises (or takes down) any post containing matching content.

This is my last blog entry for this semester. Next week someone else takes over and I hope you get your reading back and also I hoped you enjoyed the YouTubes as well. Last Video is from Brady Hadan he is the creator of Numberphile and other really geeky YouTube Channels and he has a nice relaxing channel called “Objectivity” where he pulls out random old papers published by the Royal Society and goes through them. This episode it with the physics girl Dianna Cowern.

ok I am out…