DinaCon 2022

October 6, 2022
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October 6, 2022 Hannah Perner-Wilson

Zwischen 14. Juli und 2. August haben Studierende aus dem zweiten Jahrgang Spiel und Objekt an der dritten Dinacon (Digital Naturalism Conference) in Battlicaloa, Sri Lanka teilgenommen.

Hier ein paar Eindrücke von dort realisierten Projekten und Projekt Kooperationen mit Texten aus den wöchentlich erschienenen „Dinachronicles“.

Cotton Ball Cocoons
Spinning yarn out of the cotton balls, that grow around Riviera Resort. One cotton ball makes approximately 55 inches of yarn. The process was speeded up by using a drill as a spindle. The next step is to make some crochet cocoons out of the yarn, and make them move eerily, wondering about what might hatch…

Wildlife Camera Setups
A giant Tripod out of Bamboo and Bicycle rubber to get some footage of flying foxes landing and eating fruit.

Plankton Tracking with Processing
Experiment with a modified USB microscope remains of plastic and wood. We used Processing and an Open CV library to analyze the movement of tiny creatures. Included in the setup is a 3D-printed tiny labyrinth out of 7up bottle filament from Andys filament making machine! The next step is to make a Videogame for tiny non-human actors. One question: if the inhabitants of the mud could look back at us, what would they see?

You can get the software at:


Coconut robot heart and robot jam
Putting together a super cute CocoBot based on an animatronic heart. Based on some materials that Mónica Rikic brought for the soft robotics with natural materials workshop, mixed with Andy’s proposal to create a CocoBot, the final device is a Coconut robot heart that merges with nature and seems alive!

DIY Hydrophone
done in Harolds workshop!

Tepache (or Mexican Pineapple Beer)
Fermenting in the tropical climate right outside on the porch! Mexican prison style pineapple beer. Ingredients: pineapple peels, palm sugar, clove, cinnamon and water. Let it ferment for two days and drink with ice cubes! (Less than 4% alcohol)

Solar powered bottle boat
Played around with some bottles, solar panels (2 in parallel) and different motors, and tried to find funny and unusual ways to move the little boat