Documentation video of our «Hybride Formen» seminar at BAT

July 12, 2023
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July 12, 2023 Clemens Winkler

We are very happy to share our documentation video on Hybride Formen with you – freshly rendered and produced by the wonderful Michelle Mantel!

If you have some time, you might like to get an impression of the interactive pieces, we were intensely working on – Feel cordially invited to watch the following links:

Three Perspectives, which was created in collaboration with students and actors of Theater Strahl, and the other piece “Playing Emissions” with scientists from HU Berlin and PIK Potsdam.

Three Perspectives:

Playing Emissions:

In order to better capture the quality of participation in a video format, interviews with participants were also included at the end of the contributions. We at Spiel und Objekt really care about the question of how to make interactive qualities and participatory experiences well comprehensible, which dominantly can only be perceived in play-tests on site.