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Pop Up Exhibit during DRAFTS

This Friday May 13th Spiel und Objekt students and faculty are showing work at a Pop Up exhibit during the DRAFTS event at the UdK Berlin. Come see what role prototyping and physical artifacts play in our in our use of technology within interactive theater productions!
when: Freitag 13.5.22, 15-19:00
where: designtransfer, Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin
“Hybrid Musik” von Ella Estrella Tischa Raetzer (MA Spiel und Objekt)
“Unheimliche Mini-Motoren” von Rodolfo Acosta Castro (MA Spiel und Objekt)
Dokumentation aus dem Gestaltungsprojekt 3jhg Puppe “Sensitive Puppets”
Dokumentation aus dem Kurs “Communicating Bodies” mit Studierenden von MA Studium Spiel und Objekt und der Kunsthochschule Weissensee

Hello Next Level Festival 2021

We are happy to participate at this year’s Next Level Festival at Zeche Zollverein in Essen.

We are showing the works “Wir haben Fragen” by Leonie Bramberger and Maria Huber, as well as “Radical Acts of Vulnerability” from Ella Estrella Tischa Rätzer, Lena Böckmann, Rodolfo Acosta Castro und Zoe Lohmann.

Come find us in Halle 12 and Halle 6!

A person holding a tablet and tapping on it. On screen is a three dimensional map

Wir haben Fragen – AR Walk by Leonie Bramberger and Maria Huber

A view of the installation depicting two geodesic domes that the audience can move into and interact with

Radical Acts of Vulnerability – Ella Estrella Tischa Rätzer, Lena Böckmann, Rodolfo Acosta Castro, Zoe Lohmann

This week: Experiments in Hybrid Theater Spaces

Image (c)AnnaKpok

This coming Thursday and Friday we will be testing experimental interactions and practices for hybrid theater spaces as part of the Stage Test at the Festival Theater der Dinge.

Showings will be Thursday and Friday from 15:00 either online (registration needed) or at the remote festival location at Schnellerstrasse 104 (Festival rules and Regulations apply for in-person events).

All info can be found on the festival website.

Also, here’s a writeup of the first Stagetest conducted over the summer as a test run for the concept.

Bewerbungszeitraum für 3. Jahrgang WS 22/23

Die Termine und Fristen für die Bewerbungen zum kommenden Jahrgang (Studienbeginn Wintersemester 22/23) sind festgelegt worden:

Montag, 14.03.22 Beginn Bewerbungszeitraum

Montag, 16.05.22 – 11:00 Uhr, Ende Bewerbungszeitraum

Montag, 25.05.22 Einladung zur Zulassungsprüfung

Samstag 11.06.22 und Sonntag 12.06.22 Zulassungsprüfung

Weitere Informationen zum Bewerbungsverfahren sind auf zu finden.